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Monday, June 29th, 2009

Another Summer Update

Yeah, you read it right. Another update. ;-) I just finished a new article about allow duplicate SharePoint column names. Hope you like it.

I’ve been quite busy with SharePoint this year, lots of frameworks built. Reusable stuff. ;-)  I’m also gathering all tricks and issues, so I hope making a couple of posts this summer. No promises though. ;-) In the meantime get ready for SharePoint Server 2010. A first beta should be released this summer. Less branding issues? I hope so. But we’re still with good old 2007, so for all your css goodness, I give you a nice link:

It gives you detailed compatibility tables between all browsers. Quite handy!

See you this summer!

Wednesday, July 23rd, 2008

Summer Update

Hey guys,

Maybe some of you already noticed, the layout of the blog got a small summer update. I never was quite happy on how the typography turned out to be. So I decided to change and go back to the good old Verdana. Hope you guys like it.

While I was at it, I also made the site compatible with Firefox 2 and Safari (FF3 & IE8, I still have to check). So, all you iPhone users can now enjoy a bugfree layout. ;-) Talking about the iPhone, I strongly suggest getting WordPress app which was released today. It lets you compose wordpress blogposts in an easy manner right from your iPhone.

Summer Update posted from the iPhone

WordPress on iPhone

Later on, I’ll release a new article in the branding issues series. Bye now.

Tuesday, April 1st, 2008

April’s Fool?

No no, no april’s fool joke. I am actually updating my blog. ;-)

I’ve been extremly busy last couple of weeks, as some of you may already know. But with the release of the new WordPress past weekend, I found myself upgrading the blog and obliged to baptize the new system with a couple of posts. ;-) You’ll see the other one published later tonight.

Talking about the new WordPress, I recommend everyone to check it out. The developers made some great advancements in the admin panel. So I’m quite pleased to run the new version. It’s a real breath of fresh air.
Also, fitting right into my current spirit of time of change, I’ve upgraded my 5 year old Windows XP rigg to a new Vista-based quad core system. And I have to say… blazing fast! Even Crysis runs like a charm on very high settings. For those of you who have never played Crysis: check out the demo! It’s awesome, I’ll surely be picking up a copy pretty soon. When downloading the demo, don’t let the massive 1.8 GB download scare you of! It’s worth it. Man, where’s the time when games fit on a small floppy disk… good stuff! My last 2 systems didn’t even have such a drive anymore.

Anyway… Have a nice read!

PS: I have started to fix some of the layout bugs on IE7. IE 8 still gives problems though.

Tuesday, January 8th, 2008

Happy New Year

Hey guys,

Just a quick post to wish you all a happy new year. May your resolutions be fulfilled! :-p I hope I’ll achieve mine.

Sorry for the long delay for the previous article. Correlation is a very tricky technology. It’s still very vague and such. I hope I explained it clearly. :-) Other hickups for the delay were, well, the holidays and some strange wordpress problems… which still need to be fixed, actually. :p

Anyway, Happy 2008!

Wednesday, November 28th, 2007

ASP.NET Life Cycle

The ASP.NET page life cycle, control or web part life cycle for that matter, is an important concept to know and to understand in ASP.NET web development. ASP.NET, the successor of ASP, introduced the concept of object oriented development. The complete page and its controls are now objects which behave in a child-parent relationship and go through a complete life cycle of their state. It’s pretty crucial to know what stages they go through and which events are called as the web is a stateless medium and we are trying to make a statefull environment out of it.

The key concept is the view state. This is an object, stored within the page, which enholds the states of all current objects. It is loaded, processed and saved during the life cycle. More specifically, it will load all data into the controls right before entering the load event. From this event on, you’ll have controls which are loaded with all previous data. You can manipulate those just until the PreRenderComplete event. Once this event has passed, the viewstate will once again be saved into a hidden control on the page. So things you change during the render event will not be taken into account.

Here is a graphical overview:

ASP.NET Page Life Cycle Overview

Couple of remarks with this diagram:

  • The dark gray events are only available for the page object.
  • The green area indicates events where the viewstate is loaded and avilable in the controls. Once changed the controls will be saved back to the viewstate.

As I said, the viewstate is a pretty important concept to grasp. So, please take time to fully understand it. It’s crucial to know when and where you can interact with it or you’ll be in a whole world of pain when creating interactive web parts or pages. Untill next time, take care!

Wednesday, September 26th, 2007

A fresh start

Well, this feels strangely familiar. It has been a while, since I’ve last written something. Maybe some of you have read my “notorious” adventures with C++ and OpenGL. I have not yet sorted out whether or not I should leave the old posts (as they are in Dutch), but for the moment, I’ll leave them to be read. But for those of you new here, welcome on my blog.

So, I’m starting all over again. But what is different, you may ask? First thing you may notice is that the blog sports a new design. Bye bye Blix, hello Blogari. And this time, it’s a custom made design, specifically made for this blog. It was kinda hard finding the right one, but I think this design will do just fine for now. I’m still not 100% satisfied with the color scheme, though. Then again, I never am with the designs I make, so let’s just see how this one comes along.

The blog uses the new WordPress engine. (2.3 for those keeping stats) It has a new tagging framework – including a nifty tag cloud – and an update notifcation system for its plugins. So it’s a pretty decent update, I think. I’ve looked into the possibility of using another cms for this blog. Tried some more exotic software such as Joomla and Drupal, but in the end, I just stuck with good old WordPress, as it is great in what is does, namely blogging!

Talking about CMS, it’s a nice intro for the stuff I’ll be blogging about. It’s been more than a year since I graduated at KULeuven. And I found a nice little job at Dolmen, a Belgian IT service provider. A consultancy firm, if you like. And for almost a year now, I’ve been developing SharePoint solutions for all kinds of customers. (WSS 3.0 as well as MOSS 2007) So this is what this blog will be mainly about, sharing my new adventures with SharePoint and analyzing technical issues I come accross. As you may have guessed SharePoint will not be the only subject on this blog, although most ramblings will still involve computer technology.

As a final note, to celebrate this new beginning, I am preparing a series of blogposts covering some issues when designing layouts for SharePoint. Those will be posted as soon as possible.

PS: We are in the middle of a server upgrade (talking about good timing… :p) Yesterday I updated the version on the new server. But there were some technical difficulties. So we reverted back to the old server. So if you post a comment, it’ll likely be gone tomorrow. Just bare with me.

PS 2:  You are now reading the new server